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November 5, 2008
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Commission - Vada, WoW Troll by Necronomical Commission - Vada, WoW Troll by Necronomical
Commission for my mom's friend - Vada is the friend's girlfriend's World of Warcraft character.

I don't play WoW, but I think Vada came out fantastically. Her skin is blue flannel, her hair is navy fleece (and lots of it), and her face is hand-painted on by yours truly. She also has the two toes and three fingers. Her clothes are made of two types of synthetic leather (No real leather here, folks, we're a green 'business'. : )), the dark brown smooth stuff used for the bodice, the shoulder-pad armor, and part of the gloves, and the patterned stuff for the skirt and part of the gloves. Her cloak is made out of a nice royal blue crinkly satiny stuff trimmed with gold bias tape, and you might not be able to see it, but attached to the bodice and under the gloves she has sort of a 'shrug' garment made of brown lace.

Vada also has a staff made out of gold-painted balsa wood and craft gems, and there is a magnet in her hand and on the staff so she can hold it. And yes, those are real earrings.

We're STILL OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS. For details, please see my journal and my site here: [link]
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aaarrrrwwwwww *_______* sooo cute <3
i try to make a female bloodelf *trytrytry* if itīs ready i show it :D
It's adorable! I want to purchase some!
MyLittleEmoSoul Apr 22, 2010
Sooooo cute :iconomgsocuteplz:
I want one :meow:
This is real nice. I like the details. Wish I knew a kid I could give this to if I had the chance.
Infinite-Ruiner Apr 5, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
I must have one :D
Baelgrave Mar 30, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Hey, saw you mentioned on WoWInsider :) Congratulations, by the way!
Simply wonderful craftsmanship. Incredibly professional. I may just end up commissioning you for one of my personal characters, haha. These trolls are simply so adorable.
Amazing work!
Thanks much. : ) It was a huge surprise being featured on WoW Insider, I never knew it was such a big deal since I don't play WoW. xD
Haha, be prepared for the incoming comments - congrats on being featured on WoW Insider :D.

And, I must say, since I also play a Troll Priest.... this is AWESOME. What would be the commission process, and.... what kind of time do you have on your hands?
Oh, lordy. I woke up to a flood of messages and emails today and I was like 'What the heck is going on here?!' Then Sardonyx tells me that she submitted us to the WoW Insider. She could have warned me. xD

As for commissioning us, there's a link to our website on my profile page here, and there's an order form that you'd just fill out and send, with picture references to what you're wanting, and then I'd give you a price quote.

As for time... THAT is in short supply. xD The feedback we've gotten since the article is astounding, and our work list is probably going to fill up fast.
she looks so cute~ I love her outfit!
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